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Join the unique action oriented
PDEC - 90 Days program 100% focused on accelerating your venture.

1. For Budding Ventures: Pioneer Dom Enterpreneurhsip Certificate (PDEC) is a unique action oriented Professional Venture - Acceleration Program  for Budding Ventures, Rural Entrepreneurs, Grassroots Innovators, Women Entrepreneurs, Progressive Farmers, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs), Professionals, Youth and anyone who wants to address any of the 17 goals set by the SDGs (The Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations.

2. Eligibility Criteria: You will have to have an idea in your mind or you should be willing to accelerate your venture that is registered with the local authorities. You will be required to join the online sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Admissions: You can apply all year round.

4. Top 6 Uniqueness of our program

  1. We help you accelerate within 90 days by bringing out clarity in your vision, motivating you to fix goals and ensure that your start-up takes off by the end of the program. 

  2. We provide you technical support through domain experts.

  3. We help you connect with funding agency.

  4.  We provide you information about suitable incubation centre.

  5. Our association, in terms of hand holding, continues even beyond 90 days.

  6. You become a member of ‘Udyam Shala’ wherein you can access it study material free of cost.

5. Acceleration Step - RWCA: 

1.    Read (पठन) : To establish the need of your idea / venture, the target audience, formation of legal entity etc.
2.    Write (लेखन ) : To define time-line for taking small steps enabling you to achieve the final goal. Identify the road blockers and get help from Pioneer Dom.
3.    Consolidate (चिंतन ) : to keep thinking, reading and writing repetitively, until you consolidate on actionable attributes for implementing your idea.
4.    Act (कार्यान्वयन) : to implement your goal and make your venture sustainable.

6. Certificate Requirements: There will be three round of pitching adjudged by jury of competent experts. The partcipants having attendence more than 80 percent will be awarded with the certificates. Participants satisfactorily clearing the three rounds of pitiching will be awarded the Completion Certificate while the rest will receive Participation Certificates.

7. Certification Ceremony: Certificate to be distributed to the qualified participants towards the end of the program.

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